Some highlights from the pre-conference

It’s only a few hours before the 10th ISIPT conference starts at Crown Plaza in Newcastle, England. “Earlier this week, ISIPT hosted several enriching workshops, including sessions on IPSRT, IPT-A, and prenatal depression. On Monday, there was an introductory course on IPT, as well as a full-day session for teachers and supervisors in IPT. Below are some pictures from the ‘train the trainer’ event.”

  1. “Paula Rawitz and Liz Robinson welcome everyone and begin by discussing, among other things, the importance of formulating learning objectives and competencies in IPT training programs, both for therapists and supervisors.”
  2. “Anat K Brunstein- Klohmek and Danielle Novick provide examples of how to use film clips when teaching communication analysis.”
  3. “Sue, Joseph, and Manasi illustrate in various ways the importance of recognizing cultural differences between both patient and therapist, as well as teacher and student.”