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Go to Certified Trainer Directory below Therapist & Trainers and search for the area/ Country You belong to. ISIPT have IPT-trainers all over the world, speaking different languages. Ask when the next IPT-Course is running. You may also search at Regional IPT groups below “About”. You probably find relevant contact information there.

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This interactive, online training introduces the theoretical foundations and clinical guidelines for helping patients with depression in the contexts of universal, commonly occurring relational life events that are often associated with the onset or worsening of symptoms. Delivered across distinct sections, case-based and self-directed learning through e-modular lessons combine interactive learning activities with formative feedback, while live webinars in a closed classroom help consolidate learning through knowledge check-ins and practice.

Faculty include:  

Luis Flores, Edward McAnanama, Danielle Novak & Paula Ravitz

Virtual 2 day IPT training on April 12th and 13th 2024

Dr. Ron Frey and Cindy Stulberg will be providing a virtual 2 day IPT training on April 12th and 13th 2024. We would be delighted to have you share this information with any colleagues, students, friends, etc. who would be interested.  More information can be found at If anyone is interested email me at

22ª edition of Level A IPT Training Course 100% ONLINE in Portuguese language

For all PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE Countries (Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe) with online self-directed lessons and homeworks, and live training and teaching led by the team of the API Academy of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (since 2006 training mental health professionals). Early bird starting this February, with limited places per class:

Here is the link –

With my kindest regards with appreciation, Ivandro Soares Monteiro

The Swedish society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy:

Introduction course (level A) in Swedish and Supervision for certification (level B) in digital format. Trainer Malin Bäck IPT, level D. For more information:

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and families

At AFC Roslyn Law and colleagues are recurrently running courses in IPT; all from introductory courses to trining for supervisors. For more information:

IPT-trainings are conducted every year all over the world. Here is one example; The Swedish IPT-society 2019 arranged a four day training for IPT-supervisors and a two day advanced course for experienced IPT-therapists, focusing on adaptations for children and adolescents.