Mariana & Manasi are taking the lead of the IPT-Trauma SIG

Turnout for the February 9 meeting of the ISIPT Trauma-Related SIG was the highest ever: 17 enthusiastic attendees from all over the world including i.e. Turkey, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, the US, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kenya…

Mariana Wainer and Manasi Kumar kindly agreed to co-lead the SIG.

All ISIPT members are welcome to join in, and those interested might begin by contacting them (<Mariana Wainer>, Manasi Kumar).

Members of the Trauma-Related SIG, like those of other SIGs, will be at the Newcastle meeting and hope to meet in a pub some evening. They will also be part of a brief presentation of each of the SIGs on Thursday, March 14 at the ISIPT Business Meeting.

John M