Trainer Certification


  • ISIPT membership required; membership must be renewed annually to maintain certification.
  • Completion of terminal degree in field (including but not limited to: M.S.W, M.Sc. (Clinical Counseling), M.D., M.A. (Marriage and Family Therapy), M.S.N. (Psychiatric Nursing), Psy.D. (Clinical Psychology), and Ph.D.
  • Certified as an IPT therapist (*see below).
  • Had supervision on the treatment of 2 additional IPT cases for a total of 5 supervised cases for themselves.
  • Has continued to implement IPT treatment approach with cases for a minimum of a year after therapist certification.
  • Completion of a specific trainer’s training (Note: this criterion may be waived at the discretion of the committee, for instance if the trainer did not have access to this type of program in their region or became a trainer before these programs were widely available).
  • Led or co-led at least a total of 100 hours of IPT teaching in clinical IPT training workshops (which can include introductory, intermediate or advanced levels) and/or in an IPT academic course and/or IPT research study (100 hours can be in one or over multiple settings)

Application Requirements

  • Cover letter (no longer than two pages) providing rationale for applying for ISIPT Trainer Certification.
  • Image of a government or organization issued identification.
  • Evidence of at least eight two-day IPT training workshops or at least 100 hours of academic IPT teaching. Include dates and locations, length of training, and level of training (introductory, intermediate, advanced).
  • Letter of recommendation from another IPT trainer or expert colleague who has evaluated the applicant’s work and can provide detailed feedback on training competencies.
  • Set of training materials or course syllabi that cover accepted core IPT concepts used for at least one training; and a brief narrative (1-2 paragraphs) describing how active and experiential learning is integrated with IPT trainings.
  • Proof of completion of trainer’s training if available.

Maintenance of Certification

  • All trainers will need to recertify every five years.
  • Applications can be submitted through the ISIPT member portal.
  • Trainers due to recertify will be sent a reminder of their recertification one year prior to the end date of their certification.
  • Trainers are required to submit documentation of three trainings over the last five years or a minimum of eight hours of training workshops that have helped maintain training skills, knowledge and experience since certification.
  • Trainers must have maintained their membership in ISIPT over the previous five years.
  • Trainers must have maintained their professional license or credentials.


  • Application made online. There will be annual application period(s), date(s) TBD posted on
  • Payment for certification will be required at the time of submission. Regardless of the outcome of the application, no refunds will be offered.
  • Full application will be reviewed by the ISIPT Certification Committee.
  • Notification to candidate will occur 8-12 weeks after the submission deadline.


  • Trainer certification only $300 USD. If applying for Supervisor and Trainer certification concurrently the fee is $450 USD
  • Fee Waivers may be offered to therapists from World Bank Lower-Middle and Lower Income countries by written request to

*Note: For a limited time, applicants who are not certified IPT therapist and who meet ISIPT therapist certification criteria can apply for therapist certification concomitantly for an additional $50.00 USD. After this period, applicants will be expected to be certified IPT therapist before applying for supervisor certification.