Regional IPT Groups


In New Zealand we have active training and research hub situated in Christchurch headed by Associate Professor Sue Luty and Professor Marie Crowe. We meet regularly for group research supervision and are actively involved in local postgraduate training courses and provide national and Australasian wide training and supervision. Our past and current research includes IPT for Anorexia, depression and IPSRT for bipolar disorder.

Contact or


IPT- Australia
Anthony Hillin (NSW)
We are a diverse group of IPT trainers, supervisors, researchers and therapists keen to network with others interested in promoting, disseminating and developing IPT in Australia and the region.

Membership Open to interested professionals.

Current activities Training in IPT is held at various locations; IPT training and supervision can be provided according to availability


IPT UNIFESP – São Paulo/ Brazil

Prof Marcelo Feijó de Mello, MD, PhD (Psychiatrist-in-chief of the Department of Psychiatry of Federal University of São Paulo, UNIFESP) is our mentor in IPT. After contact with Dr. Myrna Weissman and Dr. John Markowitz, he participated in IPT courses and completed the clinical trial on IPT for dysthymia.(de Mello, Myczcowisk, & Menezes, 2001)

Since 2005, Prof Mello organized a group of IPT supervision and training with other mental health professionals. Since 2007, he coordinated a training course at UNIFESP. In order to facilitate the access to IPT in Brazilian Portuguese, we published the IPT Brazilian manual in 2009 Psicoterapia Interpessoal: Teoria e Prática (by Aline Ferri Schoedl; Fernando Sargo Lacaz; Marcelo Feijó de Mello; Mariana Cadrobbi Pupo; Rosaly F. Braga Campanini).

Our main current activities are:

  • Introduction to IPT: online course (
  • IPT weekly supervision group. Supervision by Rosaly F. Braga and Euthymia Brandao de Almeida Prado.
  • IPT training and adaptation studies for eating disorders and for patients with schizophrenia. Conducted by Fernando Sargo Lacaz.
  • IPT research group:
  • Published articles (Campanini, 2009; Carvalho R.A., 2011; de Mello, de Jesus Mari, Bacaltchuk, Verdeli, & Neugebauer, 2005; Lacaz, Bressan, & Mello, 2005; Mello, 2004)
  • International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) collaboration: IPT group training for health providers in Rio de Janeiro slums for victims of violence (2010-2014, by Rosaly F. Braga, Aline F. Schoedl and Rodrigo de Almeida Carvalho; and IPT training for community health workers in DRC Congo for victims of sexual violence (Feb 2012), by Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka and Paula Zillo Orsi.
  • PALOP (Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa) Mental Health Implementation Research Training NIMH/ Fogarty Funded collaboration: IPC training for mental health workers in Mozambique, Maputo (March, 2016), by Rosaly F. Braga and Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka.
  • Work in progress:

Grant FAPESP 2012/17485-4

PI: de Mello, M. F.

Task shifting Interpersonal Counseling for depression in primary care: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. Submitted at Annals of Family Medicine. (Matsuzaka, C. T. W., M.; Norcini Pala, A.; Hoffmann, E. V.; Coimbra, B. M.; Braga, R. F.; de Mello, M. F.) Student award prize for oral presentation in June, 2015 at the 6th ISIPT Conference, London UK by Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka.

Grant Thematic Project FAPESP 2014/12559-5

PI: de Mello, M. F.

PTSD and neuroprogression. IPT-PTSD in victims of sexual violence: section coordinated by Cecilia Roberti Proença.

Collaborators: Aline Ferri Schoedl, Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka, Cecilia Roberti Proença, Euthymia Brandao de Almeida Prado, Fernando Sargo Lacaz, Janaina Cruz, Luciana Porto,  Rosaly F. Braga, Thays Mello.

We are connected to PROVE-UNIFESP (Violence outpatient’s clinic)

Located in Rua Borges Lagoa, 570, 10o andar, Vila Clementino, Sao Paulo-SP CEP 04038-000

Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka,MD


The Institute for Interpersonal Psychotherapy located in Toronto provides training, supervision and certification in Interpersonal Psychotherapy.  Dr. Ron Frey and Cindy Goodman Stulberg, psychologists with a combined almost 50 years of clinical experience in IPT have trained and supervised mental health clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatric nurses) in Canada, the United States and Europe for the past 20 years.  Our two day workshops provide theory and practice, show videotaped IPT client sessions and give participants an opportunity to practice IPT skills and receive feedback from Dr. Frey and Stulberg.  We provide 1/2 day booster sessions to clinicians who have been trained and supervised to refresh skills, keep updated with current IPT literature and ask clinical questions.  Our certification standards are based on the UK IPT model. Twice a year, in the spring and fall we provide training in Toronto. We individualize our training to meet participants needs based on their client populations including expertise in Eating Disorders, Adolescents, Families and Groups.

Canada - ACFPTI : Association Canadienne Francophone de psychothérapie interpersonnelle

Simon Patry MD FRCPC DFAPA Psychiatrist

ACFPTI is a French-speaking IPT organization created  to further IPT clinic, training and research for the French speaking community in Canada

ACFPTI est une organisation créée pour favoriser la recherche, l’enseignement et la clinique de PTI auprès des psychothérapeutes  francophones du Canada

Membership – 20 members

Current activities

We are offering basic training and supervision  in IPT  for any interested psychotherapist interested in IPT


In France there are two distinct yet closely collaborating French groups are included :

CREATIP and La Teppe


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Interpersonelle Psychotherapie (DGIPT), Freiburg, Deutschland
German Society for IPT; Freiburg, Germany
Contact  Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Schramm, Freiburg; president

German-speaking, registered, non-profit organization created in 2015 to further the distribution of IPT, quality assurance of IPT-training, and research.
Deutschsprachiger eingetragener, gemeinnütziger Verein gegründet im Jahr 2015 zur weiteren Verbreitung der IPT Methode und der Beforschung, sowie der Qualitätssicherung der IPT-Ausbildung.

Membership – 50 members

Current activities

  • We are applying for recognition of IPT as a reimbursable method through public health insurance
  • We are offering annual member meetings with an educational program on IPT (e.g. in 2016 with Laura Mufson)
  • Information and facilitation of exchange of colleagues, patients, and their relatives
  • Formal certification in IPT
  • Facilitation of quality assurance and evaluation of IPT

Name: Malama Institute for Psychological Applications (IPSE)  –  IPT-Greece
Primary Contact Person: Anastasia Malama
Contact Info: Malama Institute for Psychological Applications (IPSE)

                     233, Mesogeion Avenue, Neo Psichiko, 154 51, Athens, Greece
                     tel: (0030) 210 6742889
                     web-page: ,

Brief Description: Greek-speaking active Group in Athens-Greece that since 2010 works on IPT application, training and research.
                             Ελληνόφωνη ενεργή Ομάδα στην Αθήνα-Ελλάδα που εργάζεται από το 2010 στην εφαρμογή, εκπαίδευση κι έρευνα της Διαπροσωπικής Θεραπείας (IPT)

Membership: There is no membership structure in the Group; indeed, there are currently 20 active colleagues, approximately
Current Activities: The Institute is offering IPT to clients as well as IPT basic training and supervision


There is an active group headed by Silvio Bellino, click here to visit the official website


The Israeli chapter is coordinated by

Dr. Sharon Ben-Rafael
Clinical Psychologist and researcher
Women’s Mental Health Clinic
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


This local chapter is headed by Hiroko Mizushima

〒106‐0046 東京都港区元麻布3‐12‐38
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URL: http://www.ipt‐ email: info@ipt‐
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代表世話人:水島広子 (


For information about IPT in the Netherlands, please contact:

North America

In North Amercia there are many university-affiliated IPT training groups that have changed, and grown.


Academia de Psicoterapia Interpessoal

EME Saúde (Medical Clinic)
Rua Arq. Marques da Silva, n. 285, 1º C
4150-484 PORTO

Sharing of material via Dropbox, and run Level A training course once or twice a year.


Ivandro Soares Monteiro, phD – Clinical Psychologist

Nuno Carrilho; MD – Psychiatrist


Next April 7th-8th Dr. Laura Mufson is coming to Madrid for an IPT-A workshop.  It is going to be the first IPT workshop given by an international IPT expert in Spain.  Here is the link for registration:

For those interested in learning IPT in Spanish, there are two books:

– Weissman, M., Markowitz, J. & Klerman, G. (2013). Manual de Psicoterapia Interpersonal. Editorial Grupo 5. Link: It is Weissman´s 2000 IPT guide translation, which was made by my colleague and ISIPT member Josep Sole-Puig.

– Garcia-Sanchez, J. & Palazon-Rodriguez, P (2013). Afronta tu depresion con psicoterapia interpersonal. Guia de autoayuda. 2ª Edicion. Desclee de Brouwer. Link: It is a self-help book, which was prefaced by Dr. Weissman, and which I wrote with my colleague Pepa.

IPT began to be practised in Barcelona by Josep Sole-Puig, who mainly trained residents in psychiatry and he still does in the context of Spanish national health system.

Both my colleague Pepa Palazon and I give workshops for residents in Clinical Psycology of the Servicio Murciano de Salud (which belongs to Spanish national health system). I also collaborate with universities of Murcia and Madrid teaching IPT in master’s degrees of health psychology.

Those interested in knowing about IPT events in Spain can contact me at


In Sweden we have a national society of IPT; IPTS – Interpersonal psychotherapy of Sweden. The society ”was born” in 2009 at the third ISIPT conference in New York. Since then we have grown and have now many members in both Sweden and Norway. Our webpage is We also have a yearly national conference somewhere in Sweden for our members and for all who are interested in IPT.

Contact Malin Bäck

IPT-terapeut – nivå D
leg. Psykoterapeut
tel: 070-5490329


The Swiss Association of Interpersonal therapy is based in Geneva.

Here is a link to the Swiss IPT Society: society:

Primary Contact: Theodore Hovaguimian M.D.


The Turkish IPT Association (KIPT DER) is led by Pr Nazan Aydin and has organized all the trainings in Turkey since 2012.


Please contact for information about meetings, research, and news about IPT in the UK.

For those interested in UK trainings, please see: