ISIPT Certification Requirements

Certification Program

ISIPT seeks to promote IPT as an effective form of treatment, disseminate information from certified clinicians in the field and enhance collaborative relationships among individuals who utilize IPT. Providing certification for Supervisors, Trainers, and Therapists will maintain the highest standards and consistency in IPT.

ISIPT will award:

Process for Certification

  • Application will be made online.
  • Payment for certification will be required at the time of submission. Regardless of the outcome of the application, no refunds will be offered.
  • Full application will be reviewed by ISIPT certified Trainers and Supervisors.
  • Notification to candidate will occur 10-12 weeks after the submission deadline.

Certification Fees

  • Trainer and Supervisor Certification: $450 USD
  • Therapist Certification: $250 USD
  • Fee Waivers may be offered to therapists from World Bank Lower-Middle and Lower Income countries by written request to