ISIPT Chapters are regional, national, or language-based IPT groups that are formally affiliated with ISIPT.  ISIPT Chapters share the same over-arching mission of ISIPT but work towards these goals within a smaller or more cohesive group.  Clinicians and researchers interested in and involved with IPT have the option of belonging to local ISIPT Chapters as well as to the international umbrella organization, the ISIPT. Either or both may prove attractive options for interested individuals.

ISIPT Chapters are formed by groups pursuing a comprehensive IPT-related mission (education, training, advocacy, mentorship) and linked by geographic or linguistic commonalities, rather than entities whose sole mission is profit-based IPT training such as IPT training academies or schools. ISIPT Chapter members enjoy all the benefits of their individual groups as well as discounts to ISIPT meetings and becoming part of the global IPT community. Requirements for groups who wish to form ISIPT Chapters are outlined here.  In brief, requirements for Chapter formation include:

ISIPT Chapters foster global cooperation among IPT researchers and practitioners. They advance ISIPT’s goal of extending the reach of IPT worldwide as one of the valuable means for alleviating human suffering due to mental disorders.

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