The fourth meeting of the PTSD* SIG

We just concluded the fourth meeting of the Trauma-Related Disorders SIG, a small but lively and active cohort. We discussed Malin Bäck’s work with IPT trauma groups in Sweden and some of the challenges the group format raises for PTSD. 

Our next meeting will take place in six weeks, on Saturday, April 8 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (New York time), which should be 8 p.m. Swedish time and 8 a.m. New Zealand time. (There were two Kiwis on the Zoom meeting.) All are welcome — put it on your calendars!

// John Markowitz

Malin Bäck: “-Can’t find a better way to spend my Saturday night, than discussing our important work with traumatized patients with IPT in a group format. Thanks for the supervision from all of You”.

Interesting meeting today/tonight/this morning…. Some topics that came up; * misstrust and separation anxiety among PTSD-patients and the impact of group therapy * how to work through the focal areas for each individual in the group * how to process grief in a group setting *generally fostering helpful communication and to express affects *how to both establish a bond in the group and motivate the patients to use their network in real life.

The picture highlight the model of how present symptoms, suppressed affects and current interpersonal events interacts.