ISIPT News – Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ISIPT has just opened a few Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for its members. A SIG is a Special Interest Group consisting of at least 10 ISIPT members who have a special need or interest in any ISIPT identified subspecialty or interest area. The ISIPT SIG’s aim to create a community of clinicians, teachers/trainers, policymakers, and researchers around the world to gain knowledge from others and advance IPT dissemination and practice in the various IPT adaptations.  Our initial goals include: 

  1. Networking to learn what is happening around the world with the specific IPT adaptation in research and teaching in academic centers as well as training and implementation in diverse clinical settings.
  2. Brainstorming various strategies for training the next generation of IPT therapists, supervisors, trainers, and researchers.
  3. Collaborating on training, supervision, and research projects.
  4. Expanding international opportunities for students and professionals to receive high quality training and supervision on IPT protocols that will position clinician trainees to meet requirements for ISIPT certification.

We welcome to our SIG’s all interested parties including students, private practitioners, clinicians, supervisors, trainers, policymakers, teaching faculty, and researchers who are members of ISIPT. There are currently five new SIGs: 

  • Prenatal SIG led by Dr. Sharon Ben Rafael. 
  • Bipolar SIG led by Holly Schwartz and Danielle Novick.
  • Children and Adolescent SIG led by Gabrielle Anderson 
  • Eating disorders SIG led by Malin Bäck. 
  • Emerging Adulthood and College-aged Students led by Alexandra Klein Rafaeli.

These SIG’s will meet a few times a year. The SIGs will also meet during the international ISIPT conferences. The SIGs will include various activities including clinical discussions, research collaborations, advocacy efforts etc. 

We would love to have you join one of our SIG’s or initiate a new one. Please email Anat Brunstein Klomek if you would like to open a new SIG and/or email the SIG leaders for any further details about the specific ones.

SIG committee

Anat Brunstein Klomek-

Sharon Ben Rafael- Prenatal SIG

Holly Swartz and Danielle Novick -IPSRT SIG-

Gabrielle Anderson- Children and Adolescents SIG-

Malin Bäck Eating Disorders SIG-

Alexandra Klein Rafaeli- Emerging Adulthood and College-aged Students SIG

At December the 14th, we had the first Zoom- meeting, discussion the different SIGs. This is a work in progress. We welcome interested ISIPT members that like to get involved in this work developing several Special Interest Groups.