IPT and Eating disorders – SIG meeting in October

Invitation to SIG; IPT-ED – Special Interest group Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Eating disorders.


Monday the 17th of October 2pm (New York time), 7pm (London time) 8 pm (Swedish time) 

Where: Zoom (link will be sent to all who like to join)

Context and purpose :

One year ago at the ISIPT-conference in Florida ISIPT started some special interest groups for ISIPT-members. The SIG regarding IPT and eating disorder is now trying to get together for a first meeting. We know that many therapists in the ED-service are working with or have interest in IPT, especially for Bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder but also for anorexia as a sequential treatment. Thus, only few of us are members of ISIPT. Still, we now will check the interest in the ISIPT community if we are enough to start a group. 

The 17th we join at Zoom, start up with a short presentation and then discuss expectations and ideas. I can briefly talk about our research in Sweden. If anyone else like to present something feel free. The meeting lasts about 90 min.

Please feel free to ask questions to me. And if you like to join, let me know before the 13th of October. 

Malin Bäck, Linköping University Sweden

Bäck M, Falkenström F, Gustafsson SA, Andersson G, Holmqvist R. Reduction in depressive symptoms predicts improvement in eating disorder symptoms in interpersonal psychotherapy: results from a naturalistic study. J Eat Disord. 2020 Jul 3;8:33. doi: 10.1186/s40337-020-00308-1. PMID: 32637100; PMCID: PMC7333417.

Bäck M, Gustafsson-Aila S, Holmqvist R. Interpersonal psychotherapy for eating disorders with co-morbid depression: a pilot study. Eur J PsychotherCouns. 2017;19(4):378–95.