Eating Disorders & IPT – a SIG meeting June 2, at the World Eating Disorders Action Day

June 2 is the World Eating Disorders Action Day. The discussion around a special day for the fight against eating disorders was born in 2016 between members of the group International Eating Disorders Action, an internet-based network on bringing together, among others, parents, former patients, and professionals in psychiatry. 

The Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of ISIPT would like to pay attention to this day by offering a piece of the research by Malin Bäck in Sweden regarding “Interpersonal psychotherapy in bulimia nervosa and related conditions in Swedish eating disorder care”. 

In the management of eating disorders in many countries, CBT is the most common method and recommended by e.g. NICE guidelines. However, IPT is an evidence-based method that has proven to be a robust treatment option. Malin will talk about the Swedish project and the results therapies, carried out by IPT-therapists in Swedish eating disorder healthcare. Malin and her colleagues have published two articles: 

  • Bäck,M., Gustafsson, S.A., Holmqvist,R. (2017) Interpersonal psychotherapy for eating disorders with co-morbid depression : A pilot study, European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling, 19:4, 378-395, DOI 10.1080/13642537.2017.1386226
  • Bäck, M., Falkenström, F., Gustafsson, S.A. et al. Reduction in depressive symptoms predicts improvement in eating disorder symptoms in interpersonal psychotherapy: results from a naturalistic study. J Eat Disord 8, 33 (2020).

The meeting will take place at Zoom 2pm Swedish time. Registration is due no later than May 30 to Malin Bäck