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ISIPT ensures IPT will be available for those who need it by supporting the training, educational, networking, and resource-sharing needs of our members—who collectively deliver high quality IPT to innumerable patients in a multitude of clinical settings and for many disorders.   ISIPT  is dedicated to advancement of knowledge and dissemination of IPT-related topics, including efficacy, effectiveness, process, training, implementation and dissemination. Members are IPT therapists, researchers, trainers, and trainees who are engaged in furthering our understanding of IPT and extending its reach to those who might benefit from its application. The global composition of our organization promises that IPT will continue to spread across the world, touching the lives of many in need of this wonderful—and evidence-based—psychotherapy.

ISIPT needs your help!  We are growing from a small, grass-roots, effort to a large international Society.  As we grow, we are investing in new and better infrastructure to support our mission and membership.  This includes taking on the financial responsibility of the bi-annual conference,  fees that were previously covered by local organizers.  Funds are needed to create and maintain  our website (including a members-only section with invaluable IPT resources), support the infrastructure needed to plan and host ISIPT conferences, offset the cost of ISIPT membership for therapists in low and middle income countries and for trainees.  We need your help to raise money to cover these costs.

Please consider joining members of the Executive Council in the Leadership Circle of ISIPT with donations of $1000 USD or above.  Or, join us as with a Supporting Donation of $250 USD or above. Here is the easiest way to donate (via Paypal/credit card):

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter this email address: and the amount  you wish to donate.
  3. Sarah Timm (from Parthenon Management) will deposit the funds into the ISIPT’s Suntrust Bank Account
  4. You will see “ISIPT” on your credit card statement

All donations will be recognized with an individual letter (which can be used for tax purposes, as per local regulations).  We will also list your name on the new ISIPT website (which we will create with your help!!), by donor level.  Join us in helping to build ISIPT!

Thank you again for your on-going support of ISIPT.  As always, the strength of our Society is our community.

Your gift of any amount will be appreciated and will help us reach our fund raising goal. Please help by giving what you can.